Blush is the new black


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Blush is the new black

Short sleeve t shirt

Rachel Comey blue pants

Boho handbag
$830 –

Gemma Redux bangle set



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Fuzzy coat

Joseph leather pants
$195 –

Black slouchy beanie
$180 –

Mark Graham leather glove

Stay Warm


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Stay Warm

George high-waisted jeans
$23 –

SOREL waterproof boots

Lana hoop earrings

Lacoste glove
$88 –

Keds beanie hat

Chanel lips makeup



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Charlotte Russe red top

Wool coat

Suede boots

Sterling silver jewelry
$18 –

A Few of My Favorite Things (part deux) For the Ladies….


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If you’re anything like me, when you find something that works well for you consistently, it becomes a staple you can rely on for some time. (Unless the product is discontinued, like THE perfect lip liner by Bobbi Brown called blush…) but thankfully, that doesn’t happen all that often.

Following are a few more of my favorite things that have served me well. They range in category and price range, but not in performance.

1. hanky pankyVPL’s (visible panty lines): If you are a person who dislikes VPL’s, but who dislikes the feel of a thong even more, your prayers have been answered. The original rise thong by Hanky Panky is the perfect marrying of comfort and function. The stretchy lace is soft and strong, but even better is the width of the back….wide enough to be comfortable, but narrow enough for no panty lines. Although it is O/S (one size) I find the lace extremely giving and the website states that it fits sizes 4-14.

2. great-lash-clear_small-shotEyebrow Gel: Ever want to go make-up free but still feel the need to ‘groom’. Maybelline clear mascara is like magic. Even if you do not have a full brow and usually fill in with #3 (below), this product neatens the brow with a natural look and stays in place all day. Good for men too! (Just not too much)

3.s1056084-main-hero-300 Eyebrow Pencil: After trying practically every eyebrow pencil on the market, I found this incredible tool accidentally at Ulta. Eyebrow Wiz by Anastasia is a dual sided tool with a twisty brush on one end and the filler on the other. The first step is to brush the brows out, then lightly fill in the brow with soft brush strokes. Then brush again to blend. Easy peasy! It comes in a range of colors but if you have a hard time matching to your hair color and skin tone, ask one of the make-up artists to try them on you. Also available at Sephora.

4. pantone-color-inlinePantone’s Color: Sometimes, the color of the year does not flatter all of us. Lucky for us the color of the year is Marsala! It is slightly lighter than a red wine color and can be flattering on most skin/hair/eye colors. Personally, I prefer a deeper wine color and feel that it is even more flattering on most. If you feel like an outfit in this color is too bold for you, wear it in an accessory such as tights or shoes, or in your lipstick or nail polish color.

VS Shaper

5. Shapers: There aren’t very many effective and comfortable high-waistecameo_high_waist_brief_yt5-051_mink_frontd shapers with a thong back. There are, however, high-waist brief shapers like this one from Yummie By Heather Thomson, which works really well. For those of us who need the shaper to work overtime 😉 (and with the thong option) there is the Victoria’s Secret high-waisted thong shaper. This product is firm enough to do the job (however difficult it may be) but comfortable enough to wear every day.

That’s it for part two. If you need or want more info, please reach out, or 732-616-1692.


A Few of My Favorite Things…..


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The first in a series, this post category is about Beauty and Cosmetics.

I’ve invested in the pricey cosmetics as well as saved with the drug store brands. Over the years, I have probably used hundreds of products and although I’m always trying out “Allure’s best of beauty” products (Allure Best of Beauty), I do have a few of my own favorites to share.

1. Mascgreat-lash-clear_model-shot_144055ara: I’ve used some of the more pricey mascaras, such as Diorshow by Dior, which continues to do well on many lists of favorites. However, I always go back to basics with Maybelline great lash mascara in blackest black. It consistently does the job well and at a cost of about five dollars, it is well within my budget.

Laura Mercier TM

2. Tinted Moisturizer:  When I first heard about tinted moisturizer, I was attracted to the idea that I could remove one step from my makeup routine, (something my husband would 2thoroughly appreciate). What I found was that the tinted moisturizers that I applied were too thick. Then I had the pleasure of a complimentary make-up application at the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom. It is there that I found a favorite tinted moisturizer that wasn’t too thick for my skin.  To reduce the shine on oily skin, try a setting powder like this one from Mac  prep + prime.

3. Shampoo & Conditioner: Here is where a salon product is worth the investment for me. Although, I also use the drug store brands of shampoo and conditioner and alternate, I have yet to find 1069-283938-signture_product_crousel_780x300a shampoo and conditioner that consistently does the job as well as Nexxus signature product line, across all price points.

4. Lip Gloss: I’m not sure how many different ways there are to describe gloss or shine. However, if you look at all the product displays of lip glosses in retcovers_sku-Y0028670-F002867001ail stores, you can get a pretty good idea. My favorite one (and the one that seems to work best), is Dior Addict Lip Maximizer.  It contains Hyaluronic fillers that moisturize , smooth and plump the lips. I use this every day, with or without make-up.

5.  Body Butter and Body Mist: I recently discovered the Victoria’s Secret PINK line of beauty products. I was looking for a body lotion/body mist combo that was subtle and that haV360828d a fresh and clean scent. I found the warm & cozy fragrance of Body Butter and Body Mist. The body butter has a luminous finish and when you spray the mist after you’ve applied the body butter, the scent lasts all day.


Top 5 Fashion DON’TS

Chances are you know someone who commits the ultimate in fashion faux pas. Maybe you are guilty of a few of these yourself. In either case, trust me when I tell you, I have been wanting to shout this list from the roof tops, as they involve the bare minimum in Image 101, and many individuals just have absolutely no clue. So here goes…

1. Sweatpants – Pants made of sweatshirt fabric: sweatpant

This is number one in my book. Unless you are a female college student wearing UGGS with your hair in a bun on your way to the nail salon, the sweatpants look is likely not for you. Should you have the need to wear them, it is better to wear them in your house where no one can see you 😉  If you would like others not to take you seriously, or if you want to be labeled as ‘that creepy guy in the sweatpants’, then by all means wear them to the mall!  If comfort is what you are searching for, there are many other options out there. You can check out Sports Authority, Modell’s, Dick’s, Eastern Mountain Sports or a similar retailer, and replace the sweatpants with any other comfortable looking pant that you can locate, such as these Adidas Men’s Track Pants… Make sure the bottoms are not elastic! Women definitely have more leeway here as there are variations of the style that are actually on trend, such as these:

e4e808509ccc50f437108cfb9509d044 front-pocket-sweat-pants

2. Sneakers – With anything but athletic wear (or scrubs): sneakers and jeans We’ve all seen them….the guy in the ‘dad’ jeans with white sneakers, or the woman in a work suit with stockings and gym socks with sneakers. Not a good look. Again, if comfort is what you’re searching for (maybe you have to walk to and from the office from the train station), there are many choices in footwear that offer both comfort and style, such as these Men’s Johnston & Murphy leather casual booties. Truthfully, even certain Easy Spirit shoes would be better than sneakers and jeans or sneakers and stockings in a skirt. Here are two more examples of alternatives: shoes women comfort2013_most_comfortable_fashion_casual_men_shoes

3. Pant Length:

suit-pants-length-too-shortPicture it….a great smile and a great suit.  Then, you get to the bottom of the ensemble and lo and behold, there they are….the ‘flood pants’. This is one faux pas that has some pretty clear guidelines so it should be relatively avoidable. A men’s pant should never ever be above the ankle, under any circumstances. The lengthPantsFit_Breaks of a pant should usually be at a half ‘break’. If you are unclear about the various types of ‘breaks’, here is an image with a clear visual description. It has been my experience that a full break can appear a bit sloppy, so I would recommend a half or quarter break. I would almost never recommend no break at all. Again, lucky for us, women have more leeway here because there are capri length, ankle length and boot cut bottoms to choose from. However, as a general rule of thumb, ladies, unless you are wearing ankle cut skinny jeans, a half break should be the goal specifically for a dress pant.

4. ‘Mom/Dad’ Jeans:

Firstly, nothing against moms (I am one) or dads (I have one), but there are too many of these types of jeans available to the public. I mom-jeansam convinced there is a secret mom/dad jeans store that exists somewhere. Following is a list of criteria. If your jeans meet one or more of these, it is time to get rid of them.

  • 1. Does the butt area sag?
  • 2. Is the wash of the jeans a faded light blue ‘lived in’ finish or even better, are they stonewashed?
  • 3. Does the waist go up so high that the space between your chest and the top button of your jeans is minimal?

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a daunting task for some. However, finding a pair that is the appropriate brand, cut, budget and style is possible.

5. Sandals with Socks:

birkenstock_and_socks_flickr_cc_stevenjudeThere is not a whole lot to say about this one. Sandals and socks do not belong together. If it’s hot enough to wear sandals, you don’t need the socks. If it’s too cold not to wear socks, it’s time to put the sandals away for next season and break out the fall/winter shoes.


Fall is in the air


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Fall is in the air

Monki knit top
$58 –

Short sleeve top

River Island jeans
$65 –

Long necklace

Bracelet bangle

Burberry lipstick


First Date Fashion: What You Need To Know


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first date image   While it is true that you should be yourself when meeting someone for the first time, it is also true that you should be your best possible self. Truth be told, no one is looking for the bait and switch. So, if you normally wear tee shirts and casual jeans to a coffee shop, you might not want to step into a pair skinny jeans, wear an open shirt with gold chains and pointy snake skin ankle boots (actually, no one should, but that’s another story).  What you want to do is step up your self-presentation, while remaining true to your personal style.

So, if you’re a young professional and your go-to outfit for a first date in a restaurant with smart casual attire usually looks something like this:


plaid shirtshoes b4baggy khaki b4

You are going to want to explore the following as alternative options. Not only will you hold yourself with more poise and confidence, but also, those around you will see you differently.

after outfit men 2nd outfit after men


Consider the following:

1. Where are you going on your date? What is the attire? If you are unsure of terms like ‘smart casual’ vs. casual, look it up or ask a professional.

2. Keep in mind that details are more important than you think. Are your shoes scuffed up and in need of a polish? How about your belt? Your watch?

3. It is best to keep varying patterns to a minimum and choose a neutral color as the base of the outfit with a pop of subtle color to reflect your personality. It is better for your date to notice your eyes rather than a clashing or overpowering outfit.

Lastly, if you would benefit from hiring your own Personal Stylist or Image Consultant but are not ready to take that leap, ask about Joddie’s Closet ‘Online Styling‘. Based on your needs, two outfit suggestions can be emailed directly to you with images and links so that you can order any items that appeal to you. It is like having your own personal stylist!

Happy dating!


Joddie Pelofsky
Image Consultant
Joddie’s Closet Image and Style Consulting

Twitter:   @Joddie_Image





Business Casual


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Business Casual