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The first in a series, this post category is about Beauty and Cosmetics.

I’ve invested in the pricey cosmetics as well as saved with the drug store brands. Over the years, I have probably used hundreds of products and although I’m always trying out “Allure’s best of beauty” products (Allure Best of Beauty), I do have a few of my own favorites to share.

1. Mascgreat-lash-clear_model-shot_144055ara: I’ve used some of the more pricey mascaras, such as Diorshow by Dior, which continues to do well on many lists of favorites. However, I always go back to basics with Maybelline great lash mascara in blackest black. It consistently does the job well and at a cost of about five dollars, it is well within my budget.

Laura Mercier TM

2. Tinted Moisturizer:  When I first heard about tinted moisturizer, I was attracted to the idea that I could remove one step from my makeup routine, (something my husband would 2thoroughly appreciate). What I found was that the tinted moisturizers that I applied were too thick. Then I had the pleasure of a complimentary make-up application at the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom. It is there that I found a favorite tinted moisturizer that wasn’t too thick for my skin.  To reduce the shine on oily skin, try a setting powder like this one from Mac  prep + prime.

3. Shampoo & Conditioner: Here is where a salon product is worth the investment for me. Although, I also use the drug store brands of shampoo and conditioner and alternate, I have yet to find 1069-283938-signture_product_crousel_780x300a shampoo and conditioner that consistently does the job as well as Nexxus signature product line, across all price points.

4. Lip Gloss: I’m not sure how many different ways there are to describe gloss or shine. However, if you look at all the product displays of lip glosses in retcovers_sku-Y0028670-F002867001ail stores, you can get a pretty good idea. My favorite one (and the one that seems to work best), is Dior Addict Lip Maximizer.  It contains Hyaluronic fillers that moisturize , smooth and plump the lips. I use this every day, with or without make-up.

5.  Body Butter and Body Mist: I recently discovered the Victoria’s Secret PINK line of beauty products. I was looking for a body lotion/body mist combo that was subtle and that haV360828d a fresh and clean scent. I found the warm & cozy fragrance of Body Butter and Body Mist. The body butter has a luminous finish and when you spray the mist after you’ve applied the body butter, the scent lasts all day.