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first date image   While it is true that you should be yourself when meeting someone for the first time, it is also true that you should be your best possible self. Truth be told, no one is looking for the bait and switch. So, if you normally wear tee shirts and casual jeans to a coffee shop, you might not want to step into a pair skinny jeans, wear an open shirt with gold chains and pointy snake skin ankle boots (actually, no one should, but that’s another story).  What you want to do is step up your self-presentation, while remaining true to your personal style.

So, if you’re a young professional and your go-to outfit for a first date in a restaurant with smart casual attire usually looks something like this:


plaid shirtshoes b4baggy khaki b4

You are going to want to explore the following as alternative options. Not only will you hold yourself with more poise and confidence, but also, those around you will see you differently.

after outfit men 2nd outfit after men


Consider the following:

1. Where are you going on your date? What is the attire? If you are unsure of terms like ‘smart casual’ vs. casual, look it up or ask a professional.

2. Keep in mind that details are more important than you think. Are your shoes scuffed up and in need of a polish? How about your belt? Your watch?

3. It is best to keep varying patterns to a minimum and choose a neutral color as the base of the outfit with a pop of subtle color to reflect your personality. It is better for your date to notice your eyes rather than a clashing or overpowering outfit.

Lastly, if you would benefit from hiring your own Personal Stylist or Image Consultant but are not ready to take that leap, ask about Joddie’s Closet ‘Online Styling‘. Based on your needs, two outfit suggestions can be emailed directly to you with images and links so that you can order any items that appeal to you. It is like having your own personal stylist!

Happy dating!


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